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Find full LG Action Cam LTE specs, read reviews, compare prices and take a look at camera’s shots. LG Action Cam LTE – buy online the first action camera with built-in LTE connectivity.

LG Action Cam LTE allows to stream your video straight on YouTube without a smartphone at hand. LG Action CAM LTE is offering remote access through 3G/LTE which allows use the device as a CCTV camera or as a dash camera for your car. You can easily download images and videos from Action CAM LTE to your paired smartphone.

LG Action Cam LTE has a 12.3MP shooter with 150-degree wideangle lens which is able to record in 30 frames-per-second in 4K or stream in 30FPS in HD. It can record videos in HD-Ready, Full HD and UHD quality. This camera comes with built-in GPS, an accelerometer and gyro stabilization.

lg action camera lteLG Action Cam LTE is completely protected from dust and sand with proitection rating of IP67. The camera’s waterproof body is worthy of special attention. It can be immersed in up to 1 meter (3.3 ft) of water for up to half an hour, so you won’t need to use an extra waterproof case for the short time underwater shooting. Those who will use LG Action Cam LTE in wetter conditions such as surfing or deep diving can buy LG Action Cam LTE waterproof case which can completely protect your device.

The powerful LG Action Cam LTE 1400mAh battery allows you to record videos in Full HD quality for up to four hours. It has built-in storage of 4GB and microSD support is available for up to 2TB cards. LG Action Cam LTE comes with 2GB of RAM which allows the device to work very quickly.

The optional mount of LG Action Cam LTE allows to attach safely the device to helmet, bicycles, cars and other fast moving objects. The device weighs just 95g size is 35 x 35 x 77.9mm and it comes in light grey color.